Division of Physics in Medicine and Biology
Canadian Association of Physicists



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Upcoming Events

2020 CAP Congress at McMaster University
2020 Biophysical Society of Canada Annual Meeting in Halifax, NS
2020 APS March Meeting in Denver
2020 Biophysical Society Meeting in San Diego
2019 Annual COMP scientific meeting (Kelowna, September 24-27, 2019)

Past Events

2019 CAP Congress at Simon Fraser University
2019 Biophysical Society of Canada Annual Meeting at Toronto
2019 APS March Meeting at Boston
2019 Biophysical Society Meeting at Baltimore
2018 CAP Congress at Dalhousie University
2018 APS March Meeting at Los Angeles
2018 Biophysical Society Meeting at San Francisco

2017 CAP Congress at Queen's University

DPMB sessions
- Cécile Fradin (plenary; chaired by C. Bergevin)
Medical imaging (chaired by L. Beaulieu)
- Mathematical biology (chaired by C. Bergevin)
- Soft matter and molecular dynamics (chaired by F. Lin)
- Biomechanics and fluid dynamics (chaired by F. Lin)
- Biological physics of organisms (chaired by A. Rutenberg)
- Applied physics aspects of medical applications (chaired by L. Beaulieu)
- Nuclear Medicine & Radiation therapy (chaired by L. Beaulieu)
- Combined Nanotech/COMP (chaired by C. Bergevin)

2016 CAP Congress at University of Ottawa
DPMB sessions
- Russell Jacobs (plenary; chaired by M. Martin)
- Molecular biophysics (chaired by F. Lin)
- Computational biophysics: methods and concepts (chaired by F. Lin)
- Medical imaging (chaired by M. Martin)
- Non-linear dynamics (chaired by C. Bergevin)
- Radiation therapy (chaired by M. Martin)
- Biomechanics and fluid dynamics (chaired by C. Bergevin)
- Nuclear physics in medicine (chaired by F. Lin)
- Biophotonics (chaired by C. Bergevin)