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DPMB Photo Gallery

2019 CAP Congress

Plenary speaker session by Dr. Na Ji

Physics in Medicine and Biology 101 session

Physics in Medicine and Biology 101 session

DPMB/DAMOPC joint session on Emerging investigators in bioimaging and medical applications of optics

Topics in Medical Physics and Biophysics session

Magnetic Resonance Imaging session

Radiation Therapy session

DPMB Get-Together at the Study Public House

Topics in Medical Physics session

Molecular Motors session

DPMB/DCMMP/BSC joint session on Membrane Biophysics

Alaa Al-Shaer receiving the CAP oral presentation award

Jeremy Marvin receiving the CAP poster award

Jeremy Marvin receiving the BSC poster award

Esther Lin receiving the BSC poster award

2018 CAP Congress

Biophysics, microscopy and diseases session

DPMB-101 session

DPMB-101 session

Stochastic biology session

Translational medical physics research symposium

COMP special session

DPMB get-together at the University Club

DPMB sponsored plenary talk by Dr. Anne Martel

Theoretical and computational biophysics session

Bioimaging session

After the last DPMB session

Michael Hupman (DPMB poster competition winner)

Michael Hupman receiving the poster award

Kyla Smith receiving the oral presentation award

2016 CAP Congress

David, Qinrong and Sebastian receiving the DPMB division awards for the student oral presentation competition

David receiving the 1st place award in the final student oral presentation competition

DPMB session continued in the cafeteria during an unexpected power blackout of the seminar room